Quora updates its iPhone app to include a rich-text editing feature

Quora updates its iPhone app to include a rich-text editing feature

Quora has released an update to its iPhone app that now includes a rich-text editing feature, which it announced last month was coming soon. Now, whether you’re submitting a blog post or answering a question on the site, the company believes this feature will help add some “polish and visual organization” that is expected from high-quality online publishers.

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After its iPhone app has been updated, users can simply compose a post. Once there, a button will be located in the bottom right-hand side, above the keyboard. When tapped, a menu will appear giving the following options: adding bullet lists, numbered lists, mention, insert photos, or add block quotes. In addition, while typing your post, by selecting specific areas of text, almost like you’re copying and pasting, Quora now allows you to style your copy with bolding, italicizing, and underlining.

The service allows anyone to focus on the writing and not have to worry about adding HTML to their post from their mobile device.

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Quora has said previously that mobile devices have typically provided a one-sided knowledge-sharing experience in that it was good for reading, but not for writing. The idea is with this new service, mobile bloggers will be able to post thoughts and comments in a much more appealing and organized way while also eliminating two key problems that people have: lack of distribution and poor editing tools.

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