Food-themed photo sharing app Burpple now allows offline photo uploads

Food-themed photo sharing app Burpple now allows offline photo uploads

Food-themed photo sharing service Burpple added photo filters in December and the team is back with a smaller but interesting change that enables offline uploads via its iOS app (the Android version remains “in development”).

The team, which is based in Singapore and recently raised $500,000 in seed funding, had been inspired to introduce the feature after doing a lot of travelling, often with limited mobile data access and a lack of 3G. Writing on their blog, they explain:

We’ve clocked miles on our travels over the holiday season, and we can safely guess a good half of your pictures are of your favorite food moments on your travels. Unfortunately, many of these memories will stay in the cold circuitry of your phone forever. So today, we’re offering a new way to revive your travel memories and turn your phones useful for all your future travels- even without network coverage.

The feature works as you’d expect. While offline, photos and descriptions can now be uploaded to your Burpple boxes, which are used to categorize different ‘food moments’. As and when your phone is connected to the Web, the image will automatically be published to the service.

One small point to remember, you need to have published a photo at some point before you try to upload offline, since it uses a cached version of the box selection page when without a data connection.

So if you’re out travelling in a new country, your Burps (as they’re called) can be uploaded from the safety of the hotel’s WiFi zone rather than chancing expensive roaming charges. Likewise, if you don’t have 3G access on your travels, this may be a more efficient (and less stressful) way to operate. It’s also worth remembering that there are a fair number pre-pay customers in Asia — Burpple’s ‘home ground’ — even using iPhones, so this addition could help keep their uploads to WiFi areas, thus minimizing their mobile spend.

As we’ve said before, if you’re a prolific snapper of food photos or the kind of person that bombards Instagram with culinary pics, then Burpple is most definitely worth considering.

The service includes a Foursquare-like restaurant and food discovery feature, and has localized versions for Chinese and Japanese users. Users that prefer Instagram can push photos to Burpple from the Facebook-owned photo service too.

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