Pulse goes social with new YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook integration

Pulse goes social with new YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook integration

Just one week after Pulse announced it had passed twenty million users, the digital news aggregation magazine rolled out Pulse 3.0 in early November, a wholly redesigned app with new features and a new design.

Two months on from that, Pulse is about to get a lot more social with yet another not-insignificant update to its iOS and Android apps.

Indeed, with the new versions of the apps, users will be able to sign-in to their Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr and Facebook accounts, which will reel in all the content from their social networks and put them together in one place. The content from these services have been formatted specifically for Pulse, with redesigned story-views for photos and videos.


Just to recap briefly, Pulse takes your favorite news and media sites and transforms them into an interactive mosaic. It’s a little like Flipboard.

Launching two years ago for iPad, Pulse later arrived for iPhone/iTouch and Android, bringing beautiful news-browsing to the lion’s share of the mobile market. And back in June last year, it transcended its reading roots by introducing thirty new video-focused channels, before adding a mesmerizing Web app aimed squarely at Windows 8 tablets.

“Two years ago, when Pulse launched, we saw a lot of people painfully switching between different websites or apps to read their news,” says Pulse co-founder Akshay Kothari. “They would open up a lot of tabs in their browser or create a folder with a lot of publisher apps on their phone. Pulse set out to make lives easy by getting the best news content in one place.

“Fast-forward to today, we now see a lot of people painfully switching between social networks to get their favorite content,” he continues. “But, hopping across social networks is so 2012, and who wants to live in the past? With the latest Pulse update, for iOS and Android, you can browse your favorite social feeds in one place, with one clean interface. Welcome to the new age.”

To add your social feeds to the new versions of Pulse, tap the blue Add Content button at the bottom of the left navigation bar, swipe to Social or What’s New, then tap the icon to add your feed to a page.

The updated apps should be hitting their respective stores shortly.

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