This iOS app calculates tips based on the performance of your server

This iOS app calculates tips based on the performance of your server

Tipping. What was once a little extra something for good service is now an expectation — at least here in the US — and so tipping calculators continue to pop up in app stores, helping the world calculate those 5-25% tips (because math).

What Should I Tip,” created by Wavelength, stands out in this pool of tip calculators, however, as it manages to integrate three important and oft ignored factors: how well your server performed, the number of people present, and lastly, the stinginess of the tipper.

For example, if I’m a generous tipper, and if my meal was $60.40, but my server was terrible, “What Should I Tip” recommends a tip of $6.40. Split evenly between five people, each pays a total of $14.08 for their respective meals.

Luckily, the app’s UI makes this sort of calculation simple and quick.

Upon launching the app, first time users start off by setting how generous a tipper they are (that setting can be later adjusted by pressing the gear icon in the top-right corner). Then, tap the bill amount up top to set the cost and currency. Finish by selecting how well your server performed and swipe left and right on the calculated amount below to split the bill between any number of people.

Considering that the app is entirely free, we feel it’s certainly worth checking out via the link below.

➤ What Should I Tip for iOS

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