Sparrow email client gets iPhone 5 and Passbook support

Sparrow email client gets iPhone 5 and Passbook support

The much-loved email client Sparrow has today been updated with support for the iPhone 5′s larger screen and Apple’s Passbook. The update, noticed by reader Matt Gibstein, should be available to you now.

The company had announced that the app would be getting iPhone 5 support back in September. The Passbook support means that it will now properly recognize .pkpass file attachments and forward them on to Passbook when you tap on them.


This update has been delayed a bit as the app was rejected in early November for adding rich text support on iOS 5, but doing so by using some unofficial APIs.

In late August, a surprise update brought support for Google’s new ‘Open in Chrome’ actions, which it has been bringing to all of its official apps. A recent update to Sparrow for Mac brought support for Apple’s Retina display and Mountain Lion’s Notification Center.

Google acquired the Sparrow team for its Gmail efforts, with Leca stating that they were “joining the Gmail team to accomplish a bigger vision — one that we think we can better achieve with Google.”

At that time, Leca said that they did not plan to release any new features for the Sparrow apps, and likely no iPad version either. Yet, the app has seen the update above to add at least one Google-friendly feature, and iPhone 5 support is certainly welcome.

For more on Sparrow, you can check out our interview with company founder Dom Leca here.

Sparrow for iPhone

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