If 99designs and Dribbble had a baby, the result would be Dezquare

If 99designs and Dribbble had a baby, the result would be Dezquare

I’m not nuts about 99designs. First off, I think that getting thousands of samples is actually hurtful to the design process and causes analysis paralysis. I also don’t like anything that commoditizes creativity. Not all creatives are created equal.

I love Dribbble, but I hate that I have absolutely no idea what people charge before contacting them. I don’t want to waste their time or mine if they are out of my range.

Dezquare sorts these issues.

I met Dezquare while mentoring the founders, Limor Goldhaber and Jishai Evers, at the Founder Institute in Tel Aviv. They’ve created a new process for those of us who can’t create a design on our own. Even better, Dezquare has a ‘Hot or Not’ test (see below) to help you narrow your style down – the results of which are the 3 choices that fit your taste the best. Only 3. No need to sort through thousands of results and pull out your hair wondering which one is the best. So. Much. Easier.

The test also requires a price range, and only shows you the designers who work in that range. (Remember my first paragraph – not all designers are created equal – and you get what you pay for.)

There are a few things I would like to see in the service. There is a sliding bar for price – the bottom shows how few would do it cheap and the top would be all of the designers that do the particular item. As you slide the bar up and down you see the price of the item you’re willing to pay for – what isn’t there is how many designers are willing to work for that price.

Even though I will only get 3 for my results (and that’s a good thing) I would like to see out of how many these winning 3 come from. If it’s 3 out of 3 I might choose to raise how much I am willing to spend on an item.

Designers get a profile page similar to the profile pages on Pinterest. Those interested get to know more about the person than just the pictures of their work. Dribbble doesn’t give personal info. It’s about the work and the work only. And 99 designs’ profile page looks like a Kmart Blue Lights special (I might have just aged myself there), in other words it doesn’t look good.

Are you a designer? Go sign up. Already on 99designs? Go add your stuff on Dezquare. Are you on Dribbble and want to do more than just show off your work (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – then go sign up at Dezquare.

Looking for an alternative to 99 designs and Dribbble to find independent designers that can simply get the job done? Get over to Dezquare. You should find what you’re looking for.

One last thing – the site is still in Beta. As an exclusive for TNW readers: use the code Y3dQ7K to get inside quick.

➤ Dezquare

Image credit: iStockPhoto / Thinkstock

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