LearnVest launches its highly polished money management app on the iPhone

LearnVest launches its highly polished money management app on the iPhone

Following an early tease back in September, LearnVest, a NY-based startup with the goal of making financial planning available to everyone, is now launching its highly polished money management app on the iPhone.

As we’ve said before, LearnVest is growing quickly in a space that doesn’t seem too sexy at first. Managing your money may not sound like much fun, especially when loans and other debts are bound to be involved. The necessity of services like this, however, outweighs the fact that it’s not always your favorite subject, and so we’ll go on.

Just like LearnVest.com, the new app holds two main roles: part editorial (LearnVest Articles) and part utility (Money Center). The overall package leaves you with a ton resources, however the content is much more female-focused than the app design itself.

As far as the utility goes, LearnVest’s Money Center places a strong emphasis on what’s happening right now with your money. In other words, if you’re the kind of person that often loses track of your budget, this app shows you exactly what to do in order to properly save.

LearnVest has managed to create a clear and usable design, with a few satisfying, subtle animations and a general snappiness that makes you feel like you could whip out the app at any time — even in a rush. While there are a few actions that are still easier to do on the desktop, like categorizing transactions that made it past LearnVest’s auto-filter, this is easily one of the best apps out there for managing your money.

Check it out via the link below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

➤ LearnVest for iPhone (free)

 Image Credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images

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