Circa launches iPhone app as an easy way to consume news on mobile devices

Circa launches iPhone app as an easy way to consume news on mobile devices

Circa is launching an iPhone app that hopes to make it easier to consume news on a mobile device, the startup announced today. This isn’t only about formatting, but also about rethinking content itself.

As a matter of fact, Circa positions itself as a post-article media outlet, it explains on its blog:

“Instead of articles, Circa presents news as a collection of details about a story: the facts, stats, quotes, pictures, maps, and more. These are the full stories, not summaries; summaries tend to compress stories and therefore lose details. Instead, each story on Circa has the same details you’d find in traditional articles, but broken down into individual chunks of information that are much easier to consume. It’s the facts, without the fluff.”

Here’s a video presentation of the app:

Circa’s team is pretty impressive; among other names, it includes Ben Huh, CEO of The Cheezburger Network, as well as serial entrepreneur Matt Galligan, not to mention an editorial team of 11. The company is also backed by influential investors such as David Tisch, David Karp and Dave Morin.

Circa, via the App Store (available soon)

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