Onswipe arrives on Android for the first time with support for Google’s Nexus 7

Onswipe arrives on Android for the first time with support for Google’s Nexus 7

Born out of TechStarsOnswipe makes it easy for any publisher, from a new blogger to the NY Times, to transform their content into an immersive experience on tablets. Now, Onswipe’s touch-friend solution for the Web is finally arriving on Android, first with Google’s Nexus 7 and then to additional Android devices in the future.

Today’s news follows the release of Onswipe 2.0, the launch of the startup’s real-time “touch” analytics and support for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Now that Onswipe is available on three of the most popular tablets, the startup is quickly becoming a cross-platform service for converting any publication into an app-like mobile site.

Take a look at Onswipe on Google’s Nexus 7:

TNW taked with Onswipe CEO Jason Baptiste to learn more about why the Nexus 7 was targeted with this release, instead of the larger Android ecosystem.

We believe in supporting modern hardware coupled with modern browsers that support the best of the web. Nexus 7 is great hardware combined with the great browser of Chrome that lets us bring the web to the bleeding edge. Sadly, Android has been put in the hands of carriers and device manufacturers that can make great hardware, but don’t know how to couple it with modern software. Onswipe will be working to support other Android devices beyond Nexus 7 by focusing on Chrome and browsers that are maintained to modern standards.

All in all, this is a positive move for Onswipe’s community, as its users will likely want to expand their sites to more non-iPad tablets as decent competing devices emerge.

As of today, all existing publishers on the Onswipe platform will be live on the Nexus 7. To learn more, visit the link below.

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