Sky integrates Zeebox’s second-screen platform in its Sky+ iPad app, makes TV more social

Sky integrates Zeebox’s second-screen platform in its Sky+ iPad app, makes TV more social

Following its multi-million pound investment in Zeebox in January 2012, Sky has finally got around to integrating the second-screen service into its existing mobile apps. Today, Sky+ for iPad has received an significant update, connecting users to social networks, offering apps and other listing related information.

Before today, Zeebox had operated under its own iOS and Android applications but also worked to secure partnerships with TV companies to see its second-screen technology integrated directly into sets.

However, Sky+ iPad users now have the option to learn more about the shows in their TV guides, connecting to Zeebox’s platform to deliver that data.

You’ll notice the small ‘Powered by Zeebox’ tag on the bottom left of the above screenshot. Users can select the listing from Sky’s TV Guide and press the ‘Discover More’ button to bring Zeebox’s platform to life, showing its associated tags, news, related links, Tweets discussing the show/film and any associated apps or downloads.

If you’ve used the Zeebox app before, you’ll be perfectly at home with the new Sky+ iPad update. Both teams have worked hard to ensure integration is consistent across both apps, while keeping the original look and feel.

Interestingly, Sky doesn’t appear to have updated the iPhone app to support Zeebox’s platform, nor has it been designed to take advantage of the new iPhone 5, so letterboxing is still present.

January’s deal saw Sky take a 10 percent stake in Zeebox and immediately saw the second-screen app maker deliver special on-demand content for Sky’s Go To Dance show, including exclusive videos, music downloads and branded content.

Sky helped Zeebox launch new TV commercials and was instrumental in helping Zeebox expand its partnerships globally, which has seen it launch in Australia and soon the US.

For existing Sky+ iPad users, the update builds upon the existing functionality they’ve come to know and love. With Zeebox, Sky hopes that not only will users utilise the app to browse, select and record their favourite shows, they will also use it to interact with people across the UK via social networks and find more information and media content associated with them.

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