With 193 million file-transfers to date, WeTransfer relaunches its service in beta

With 193 million file-transfers to date, WeTransfer relaunches its service in beta

Launched back in 2009, WeTransfer is a simple file-transfer service designed to circumvent the inherent issues of sending large files over email. It lets users send up to 2GB per transfer.

Today, however, the Amsterdam-based company is announcing a new version of WeTransfer in beta, with a slew of new features.

“WeTransfer believes in a service that is clutter-free, simple, and spreads inspiration,” says Nalden, co-founder of WeTransfer. “Applying this criteria, we’ve created a space and experience that users can connect to. We believe the new WeTransfer is a step forward, offering more space & features for users who need it, and a better functionality without us getting in the way.”

We’re told that since 2009, WeTransfer has managed more than 193 million transfers. Last month alone, it transferred files for eight million users.

“We’re humbled to know that we’ve grown larger than some of the companies we look up to, including Basecamp, Path, and Wunderlist,” says Nalden. “We’re close to being the biggest transfer service on the Web, surpassing the number of files sent through similar competitors and beating out Yousendit in some parts of the world.”

WeTransfer v 2.0

So what does the new WeTransfer offer? Well, there’s the Plus service for starters. This lets users create a 5GB file-transfer. It’s also offering resumable downloads, so you can continue where you left off if you need to dash away with your laptop at short notice.

Plus also provides space to store your files indefinitely, with up to 50GB of online storage available, meaning that WeTransfer is encroaching on Dropbox territory. Throw into the mix an address book, sharing via Twitter and Facebook, password protection, and the ability to send files to 100 recipients, and what we have here is a fairly compelling proposition.

Then there’s Channels, which gets you your own URL – this could work for brands. In addition, you get your own three wallpapers and customised e-mail. You’ll get file storage for a month instead of two weeks, and no ads.

The cost? Both the Plus and Channels services are available for $120 a year, but the standard 2GB transfer service is still available for free with no need to register.

WeTransfer is an entirely bootstrapped, self-funded company and we’re told that it has broken even every quarter since Q3 in 2011, passing $600,000 in revenue in Q2 this year alone.

The new WeTransfer beta platform will run in conjunction with the existing service for the next ten weeks, at which point it will replace it. It will go live to the public today.

Meanwhile, check out the WeTransfer infographic below, citing a number of key stats since launch.

WeTransfer | Beta

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