Serendip hopes to help you find your music soul mates with its free web app

Serendip hopes to help you find your music soul mates with its free web app

Serendip has launched a free web app called MyMusicSoulMates (MMSM), the Israeli startup has announced. As you may have guessed from its name, MMSM lets you find people who share your music tastes.

You have three options to get started with MMSM: connect it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or simply tell it what you like.

In my case, MMSM couldn’t pull any music likes from my Facebook account, and prompted me to list three bands I enjoy. Here’s my results page:

As you can see, the app also serves as a publicity stunt to promote Serendip as a whole. As a matter of fact, MMSM isn’t Serendip’s first venture into social music discovery; as we reported, its platform lets you listen to song tracks publicly shared by your online friends, which it puts together into playlists.

In other words, its ambition is to turn every social media user into a ‘DJ.’ As for the playlists, they are based on publicly available sources such as YouTube, Bandcamp, Vimeo and SoundCloud. Here’s Serendip CEO’s DJ page:

While we covered Serendip’s private beta version last year, it is now available to the general public, and now integrates both Twitter and Facebook. Yet, you won’t need to sign up to listen to the music your newly-found ‘soul mates’ have shared – while Serendip obviously hopes that some MMSM users will convert, there is no obligation to do so.

Founded in 2011, Serendip currently boast 25 million ‘DJs’ in its database. It is based in Tel Aviv and has received funding from Jeff Pulver, Gigi Levy, The Pulver Micro Angel Fund, Tron Capital Partners and additional investors.

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