The Social Radio’s web platform is now open, lets PC users listen to their tweets

The Social Radio’s web platform is now open, lets PC users listen to their tweets

The Social Radio has just launched the public version of its web app, which was also redesigned, the Argentine startup announced today. Following the rollout, you will now be able to listen to your tweets and music through its website.

As you may remember, The Social Radio previously launched Android and iOS apps – which are also gaining an update.

According to the company, those apps have already been downloaded over 25,000 times in over 20 countries. As for its web app, it has been tested by over 2,000 users who had access to its private beta. Each platform will cater to different use cases, The Social Radio’s CEO Roberto Gluck explains:

“We’ve already proven the mobile success of The Social Radio especially for people who want to stay tuned to Twitter while running, driving, cycling, etc. With this launch, we look forward to attracting Twitter users who spend hours and hours in front of a PC.”

This new audience will likely boost the number of minutes the average user spends on The Social Radio’s platform, based on observations it made during beta testing. “Users on the web app are having longer sessions than mobile users, because most of them use the web while working,” Gluck tells us.

As a matter of fact, The Social Radio does position itself as a radio station, albeit a social one – a vision that inspired its name. In practical terms, it means that you can keep up with your timeline while multitasking.

Besides your main Twitter feed, you can also filter tweets to focus on specific searches, lists, hashtags or trending topics. It is worth noting that the app supports tweets in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian and French.

In between social updates, it also plays song tracks of your choice, which it pulls from SoundCloud, Pandora, Rdio, Spotify or from your own playlists. In addition, indie bands can also use the platform to promote themselves with custom UIs.

Launched in 2011 by 3 social engineers, The Social Radio went on to participate in NXTP Labs and Start-Up Chile‘s respective acceleration programs. One of the exhibitors at TNW Conference Latin America, it recently won ‘Startup World: Buenos Aires’.

While these milestones have helped The Social Radio boost awareness of its product among early adopters, our understanding is that the team is now keen to gain further traction as fast as possible before Twitter API changes start hitting third-party developers.

➤ The Social Radio, also available on iOS and Android

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