This article was published on August 18, 2012

Who you will meet at The Next Web Conference Latin America 2012

Who you will meet at The Next Web Conference Latin America 2012
Wytze De Haan
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Wytze De Haan

Founder, The Hatchet

Wytze writes weekly career advice for employees of fast-growing startups and scale-ups on topics like how to negotiate a better salary, conv Wytze writes weekly career advice for employees of fast-growing startups and scale-ups on topics like how to negotiate a better salary, convincing clients to work with you, or how to be a great manager for your team. Prior to founding the Hatchet, he spent 9 years working as Director of Events for TNW.

Setting up a conference for the first time in a country you know little about can be as nerve wracking as it is exciting. As the last weeks approach you can’t help but wonder if the equipment you’ve rented will arrive, if the conference venue really exists and whether or not Patrick and Boris will actually be let into the country.

Rest assured that so far I’ve been able to verify all three; what’s more, we sold out on all the Startup Demo Tables and Demo Tables, we have a great line-up and combined with 500+ participants that have already registered I’m confident The Next Web Conference Latin America is going to be a great success.

Although the attendees so far are pre-dominantly from Latin America, we already have companies representing 21 different countries and 4 continents. Below I’ve posted the full list – check to see if your company is attending, or your competitors, and make sure you are there too.

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, this could be a great time to!

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Want to do business with the crème de la crème of the Latin American Tech scene, make sure to grab one of the last tickets!

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