Flipboard hits 20M users, signs up one new user per second, but is it vulnerable to Twitter’s API chokehold?

Flipboard hits 20M users, signs up one new user per second, but is it vulnerable to Twitter’s API ...

Today, Flipboard has announced some intriguing numbers that show how far the company has come since its launch two years ago.

Since the mainstream adoption of the iPad, people have been utilizing that extra real-estate to enjoy news in all different forms. Flipboard has been on the receiving end of that usage, and has announced the milestone of 20M users, which is phenomenal. In addition, the company says that it signs up a new user every second.

Here’s what Flipboard had to say:

This summer, we celebrated our second birthday. Just the last year alone makes our bones hurt: we launched iPhone and smartphone editions; debuted features like Cover Stories, audio and shopping; added seven new social networks; forged partnerships with publishers like The New York Times, and localized into eight languages.

This infographic illuminates highlights and curious facts from our first 24 months in existence. Thank you so much for making Flipboard a part of your daily life.

With Flipboard’s arrival onto the Android platform, the number of potential users skyrocketed.

Many of us have wondered if Twitter’s API restrictions will cause any issues for Flipboard, but nothing of that nature has come to light as of yet.

Without a doubt, Flipboard has replaced RSS for me as a way to consume news, and is even a better way to read Twitter updates and Facebook statuses. Let’s hope that it can stay that way, with a hands-off approach from Twitter’s API overlords.

Below is an infographic with more juicy stats, including its own metric called “Flips”:

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