There’s a new browser in iPhone town: Meet Maxthon

There’s a new browser in iPhone town: Meet Maxthon

After releasing a Web browser for iPad and Mac earlier this year, Chinese software company Maxthon today launched a free browser app for the iPhone.

Does it bring anything new to the table or is too little, way too late?

Maxthon says its browser products have seen over 600 million downloads to say, and claims it’s simply ‘better, faster and smarter’ than all the others.

There are plenty of others, by the way. Not counting the default browser, iPhone users have a choice between apps like Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mercury, Skyfire, Sleipnir, Atomic, Mango, Puffin and plenty more.

In terms of features, Maxthon’s iPhone browser doesn’t seem to offer anything that’s truly novel. The iPhone browser comes with cloud-syncing abilities for bookmarks and favorites, which works across Mac OS, iOS, PC, Android, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry devices, private browsing, a ‘reader mode’ and tabbed browsing.

Nothing innovative to see here, but existing users will be pleased with the ability to sync across most popular platforms.

To be fair, Maxthon is and remains a fairly established name in the highly competitive browser wars, even if it’s still unknown to the masses. Furthermore, the iPhone app is super fast and free of charge, so might as well give it a whirl yourself.

Maxthon Web Browser for iPhone

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