DataSift rolls out Historics to reveal trends in tweets from as far back as January 2010

DataSift rolls out Historics to reveal trends in tweets from as far back as January 2010

DataSift, the UK startup that allows developers and businesses to do incredibly smart things with Twitter’s firehose and other social data, is today rolling out its Historics service to every company with a DataSift subscription.

Historics is a product that allows DataSift customers to “aggregate, filter and unlock insights from public Tweets, both in real-time or going back to January 2010, to get a long view into their brand, business and markets.”

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While most Twitter users can only search back through a few days’ worth of tweets, DataSift’s firehose deal with Twitter means that it has a much deeper well of data to draw from, and the company’s platform is designed to allow users to run complex, specialized searches, filters and analysis that can be of real use to businesses.

In an email sent to users today, the company says that it has been “overwhelmed by the response and demand” since it announced Historics earlier in the year. Now the news organizations, brands, and researchers that subscribe to DataSift will be able to get some real historical context to their social analysis.

While some Twitter developers have reason to be worried today, DataSift is safely in the bottom-left quadrant. Earlier this month, it announced the opening of a New York office as it aims to make a serious play in the financial sector.

Image credit: Dave Stokes

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