This Is My Jam launches a Spotify app to help users surface past ‘Jams’ and discover new music

This Is My Jam launches a Spotify app to help users surface past ‘Jams’ and discover new ...

We first covered This Is My Jam (TIMJ) back in December when it was in closed beta. It’s a simple online platform that lets you tell the world your one favorite song each day. The service opened to the public in February, providing a much-needed remedy to all the noise online.

Indeed, in a week that saw us reveal the average number of songs on a ShareMyPlaylist Spotify compilation was 170, This Is My Jam is the antithesis of this.

Today, however, TIMJ is rolling out a Spotify app, which serves to marry the speed and extensiveness of Spotify, with This Is My Jam’s slower, trickle-down approach to sharing music.

While the TIMJ site only lets you share one song with the world, the Spotify app adds a history to that experience, and you can see all your previous Jams.

It lets you listen to other people’s Jams and Likes in playlist format – and you can also add that playlist to your own Spotify collection.

While browsing other users’ Likes, you can opt to make any track your song of the day by clicking ‘Make this song your Jam’:

It was always going to be interesting to see how This Is My Jam developed as a service – underpinned by a ‘one favorite song’ ethos, it has inherent limitations. But with its latest Spotify app, it has found a way to gives past Jams a home, while adhering to its social principles.

Check it out for yourself, it’s live now.

This Is My Jam | Spotify App

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