Corethree launches Core Engine m-wallet, a platform to drive a cashless society

Corethree launches Core Engine m-wallet, a platform to drive a cashless society

Corethree, the firm that works toward making more services mobile, has released ‘m-wallet‘, a mobile payment infrastructure for clients with solutions built on Core Engine, its mobile application platform.

Core Engine is a distributed content management platform for handling large-scale service offerings on behalf of clients. It has a modular design for integration into most third-party systems.

Using a patent-pending set of technologies, the Core Engine m-wallet allows end users to register their payment card details once, and re-use them securely across multiple services, payment providers and merchant banks without sacrificing PCI DSS compliance.

There’s no need for pre-pay accounts and the service is independent of any one provider. M-wallet is compatible with any mainstream transaction processor, including WorldPay, SecureTrading, CreditCall, RealEx and PayPal.

The company says  that its new “mobile wallet” eliminates the need to carry cash, credit or debit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, vouchers, tickets and smartcards, and changes the way organisations within transport, retail and many other industry sectors can interact with their customers.

M-wallet can be integrated into the Core app which is available from the App Store, Google Play or Blackberry App World. Once registered, users can browse, bookmark and purchase products and services with a fast entry of their CV2 code. Payment is immediate, and all activity is logged and audited for keeping your books in order.

The Core app can also accommodate a number of different information services covering transit updates, charities and the location of ATM machines and petrol stations. Before long it should become a handy suite of core services you might need in your pocket (we see what they did there).

Going cashless through mobile technology has been a long time coming. Back in 2007, the Chief Executive of Visa Europe claimed that we could all be living in a cashless society by 2012.

A recent survey in the UK showed that 1 in 2 people prefer contactless payments over cash and Paypal’s report Money: The Digital Tipping Point says that we might ditch the paper and coins by 2016.

With more services arriving to try to facilitate our cashless habits and with so much of the online population already at east with transactions over the Internet, it really does seem as though we’re headed for a near future where Monopoly is a game played with plastic cards and phones.

Image Credit: The Hills Are Alive

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