CVTrust wants to make it so you can’t lie about your education on your resume

CVTrust wants to make it so you can’t lie about your education on your resume

It happened to former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, it’s happened to thousands of other professionals and it’ll happen again. 

Lying about Embellishing your resume is never a good idea, and as time goes on, it’s just going to become easier and easier to get caught. Case in point: CVTrust is a startup that’s looking to change the standard CV into a verified digital diploma of sorts. It makes fact adjustments impossible, when it comes to your education, because it works directly with your school to get their approval.

CVTrust only works if institutions come on board, which makes things difficult as the company attempts to become a new standard, but imagine if it worked seamlessly with an existing service we already use, like LinkedIn.

Now, if LinkedIn could integrate CVTrust’s tools into profile pages to immediately verify credentials, it would automatically turn LinkedIn into a default fact checking tool for recruiters. It could offer that as a premium service, and eventually each detail of your profile could be verified via a simple check mark (like Twitter’s verified accounts).

Right now there isn’t such a feature on LinkedIn at the moment, so as of today, I went to Harvard in 1979 and graduated with a MCA…before I was born.

Of course, fact checking is already an important part of the hiring process for higher ups, but doing so is often difficult, time consuming and, as it turns out, completely ignored. Now, CVTrust is working on the solution and hopefully a company like LinkedIn will take notice.

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