Chirp sings pictures and notes from one iPhone to another

Chirp sings pictures and notes from one iPhone to another

How do you currently share things from your mobile device to someone you know? Perhaps email, Dropbox or even Bump? A new app called Chirp is a sharing app that sends things to your friends via a “song.”

The app is quite brilliant actually, considering the fact that it doesn’t make you do anything crazy to share a photo, link or note. It’s a functionality similar to that of music app Shazam, in that it listens for things be added to your queue. The items have a uniquely identifiable tone, so if your friend has Chirp open too, the tone will be processed and the item will be shared with them.

It’s like voodoo magic, but not scary.

Chirp Chirp!

The tones that Chirp generates uniquely for each of your items can be heard from other Chirp users, so you could literally share a link with ten people at a restaurant simply by playing the tone to them. Just tap the “+” button and pick something to share:

Once you share, just tap the chirp button and music begins:

I can imagine that in a crowded place, the tones might be too difficult for your iPhone’s microphone to pick up the tone, so that’s something to think about.

The idea for the app is simple, and onboarding is quick. Just sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account and then you’re ready to share something. Rarely do I see something like this and think it could catch on, but I think this one will catch on immediately.

The next time you’re at a party, this is going to save you a crapload of time doling out all of those cool sites that you mentioned and all of those embarrassing photos that you took.

Chirp for iOS

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