updates its mobile app with downloadable content to help travellers avoid data charges updates its mobile app with downloadable content to help travellers avoid data charges, the site that allows users to create their own travel guides to share with friends, has updated its mobile offering to include downloadable maps and guides for offline use.

Travel apps seem so appealing when you’re exploring a new city or looking for new places, but the sting comes when you get home and your data charges are sky-high.

The latest update from means that those costs can be cut, if you remember to do your downloading before you leave home.

The downloadable, vector-based maps take up minimal space (less than 5MB) so users get a smooth panning and zooming experience and don’t have to worry about long load times.

The end of paper travel guides?

The functionality offered also challenges those who are still using paper book guides to plan their travels. The site offers ways for users to find expert advice, input from other travellers and adds a social component so you can take on tips from your friends.

Guides and maps for 116 cities are available for smartphones and any additional details for the personal guides can be automatically synced when you find Wi-Fi. That’s pretty neat if your friends cotton on to your where abouts once you get there and have a nugget of information that might make your travels more interesting.

Added information has been integrated from sites including Google Places, TripAdvisor and TimeOut. The apps can also be linked to Facebook so that users can personalize their guides by requesting suggestions from friends.

Adding personal touches to a city guide can make the experience pretty unique. With a bit of imagination, stories of past travels or ways to explore old neighbourhoods can be set up and shared with people who might like a different point of view.

Here’s a sixty-second explainer that might spark a few ideas:

If you fancy something a little different to the average guidebook, this might be one for you. It’s available on Android and iOS.


Image Credit: Lucidtech

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