Wander unveils its invite-only beta as a beautiful new way to share and experience the world

Wander unveils its invite-only beta as a beautiful new way to share and experience the world

Today, 13 startups are about to present to a room packed with investors, industry analysts and media at TechStars’ 3rd yearly Demo Day in New York. Wander, a rather stealthy project by CEO Jeremy Fisher, is one of those startups, and the company is launching today in public invite-only beta (the same mode as Pinterest) as a beautiful new way for anyone to share and experience the world.

Wander is all about places:

The places you’ve been and the places you dream of — all the places you’re connected to and the story that tells. That’s your Wanderlog.

The company itself is exploring an interesting area, somewhere in-between the likes of Foursquare and traditional blogging, though I hestiate to ever call it a blogging platform — it’s not. The site is all built around the Wanderlog, as the quote above explains, which is where you capture things like your adventure abroad, a guide to your town, your favorite works of street art or simply the places you’ve loved.

What’s so special here is that every place is connected, and so every post about a place is connected as well. This creates an entirely new opportunity for Wander to show you so much about your community and others, while immediately bringing together wanderers with shared interests.

Wander is certainly worth checking out, along with the 12 other TechStars NY companies presenting today. The team has already managed to build quite a bit of suspense and press (if ever a startup did tease, it was Wander), so it’s worth heading over there quickly to request an invite before everyone else!

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