Simply Measured adds YouTube analytics, now tracks all 4 major social networks

Simply Measured adds YouTube analytics, now tracks all 4 major social networks

Simply Measured is a firm that TNW has known from its infancy. Back when it was founded as Untitled Startup, it was just a few smart people and the vision of building, well, something. Now, Simply Measured, their crown jewel, has extended its reach to all four of what it calls the ‘major social networks:’ Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

Now, what’s a Simply Measured? The company tracks anything that you want, across the Internet. Tweets about football during half time of the big game? Done. They’ll send you a massive spreadsheet that you can push around and learn from. If you are into data, this is your pornography.

I’m sure that calling YouTube a social network will nettle some folk, but as it includes accounts, subscriptions, and messaging, it does have many of the traditional components that are built into the largest networks. I think it’s more controversial to call Google+ a major social network, than to call YouTube one at all.

Here is how the company describes the product: “three new enterprise reports allow clients to track YouTube engagement on a single channel, compare multiple channels for internal or competitive benchmarking, and measure YouTube in context with other social media programs.” Essentially, if people are talking, sharing, or watching your brand, Simply Measured will keep you in the know.

Such services are increasingly important as brands spend more time, and money, monitoring conversations about their products and company. Sprout Social, for example, is also in this space. Rounding out its news today, Simply Measured launched a ‘Free Report Marketplace’ where brands can see where they stand across a number of social destinations.

There, now you know one of the startups that makes up the Seattle ecosystem.

Update: Simply Measured’s CEO Adam Schoenfeld sent TNW the following quote: “For brands building scale on YouTube and across social channels, measuring and optimizing performance is becoming a critical success factor. Having UFC and Kia as early adopters of our new YouTube reports validates that brands are looking for consumable, flexible solutions that provide a holistic view of their social media strategy.”

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