Transparent Social Startup “Untitled Startup” Just Landed $250,000 In Funding

Transparent Social Startup “Untitled Startup” Just Landed $250,000 In Funding

untitled startups logoAn interesting experiment is showing the strength of its idea. Quirky and prolific startup company Untitled Startup has just raised enough cash to keep the lights on for years to come.

The dynamic duo behind the company, Damon Cortesi and Aviel Ginzburg, raised funds from the Founder’s Co-op, with whom they share office space with.

What does the company do? Well, you already know. They are behind TweetStats, a wonderful tool that is popular among the Twitter elite and devotees (you, most likely). They have also thus far built Tweet Weather, Row Feeder, and Tweep Search. When we said prolific, we meant it.

What makes them different from any run of the mill startup company? Their transparency. Want to know how many people visit That is easy enough, just scroll on down and look at the pageview statistics that are in plain view.

Want to know what they founders are up to? Just watch their video blog or read their notes. They are open, accessible, and busier than hell. The only question is what they are going to cook up next. The more small projects the better, it seems.

What will they do with their new money? Perhaps staff up, perhaps nothing past what they are doing now. The company does have revenue. Row Feeder is a for-pay application and TweetStats both collects donations and is part of the FeaturedUsers network.

While those applications are most likely not raising enough funds to pay the bills, anything to knock the overhead down is music to a startup’s ears.

A firm congratulations to Untitled Startups for being unique, useful, and funded. Hurry up and build something new.

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