Neat! auto-crops your images online – does it fast and does it well

Neat! auto-crops your images online – does it fast and does it well

One of the most common things people do when editing photos is cropping. But does one really need a full-fledging desktop application just for that?

If all you need to do with your pictures is to trim them, one quick and easy way is to head on over to and simply take care of business online. is a nifty Web app that allows people to upload one or more images, no registration required. The app will then automatically – and intelligently, through composition analysis – crop photos and process them in different output sizes, although users can also set a specific width and height.

Once the output sizes are selected, users can trim down images in one fell swoop and download all of them in a ZIP-file with just one click of the mouse.

Simple, quick, works as advertised. What more do you want to know?

Oh, we recently reviewed an app that does much of the same: Croppola.

Also, maybe you want to know who made this little slice of awesomeness. The answer is Imagga, a startup based in Sofia, Bulgaria that is into cloud-based image analysis technologies. In a way, is merely a way for them to showcase said technology, but I know I’ll be opening this neat little online app a lot.

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