SeatGeek launches Spotify App for concert discovery

SeatGeek launches Spotify App for concert discovery

If you’ve been using Spotify for any length of time, you know that the service tracks your usage as you listen. It’s also super easy to make playlists for yourself or to share with your friends.

All of that music data is useful for other things, including finding concerts to go to. A new Spotify app launched by SeatGeek will go through all of the music you’ve listened to on the platform and pull out upcoming shows that match your interests. Basically, all you have to do is install the app and SeatGeak does the rest.

Once the app has found concerts for you, it displays a cool timeline of information including details about the venue as well as prices of tickets. On the fly, it even creates a playlist of music from each artist so that you can have a listen before you buy.

Here’s what Will Flaherty, Director of Communications at SeatGeek, told us about the app today:

In line with product updates we’ve released in past months, the SeatGeek Spotify app is designed to make it easy for music fans to stay updated as to when their favorite artists will play in concert nearby, as well as to recommend shows of other artists a user might like based on their listening history and music library.

Once you click for more ticket information, the app sends you to SeatGeek’s website to finish the transaction. Installing the app just takes a second, and you must have the Spotify desktop version installed.

SeatGeek for Spotify

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