JollyBox helps you send monthly care packages to college students and military personnel

JollyBox helps you send monthly care packages to college students and military personnel

What do you get for the person who basically needs everything? Care packages are the oldest way of showing college students and family and friends in the military that we care. When it comes to those in the military, sending valuable and personal items to men and women overseas isn’t always a good idea. Same thing with college students, they just need to survive.

Instead, why not send them a helpful ongoing gift thanks to JollyBox? The company, founded by Boxcar CEO Jonathan George, will help you stay in touch with the person that’s always on your mind by sending them a practical box of cool stuff.

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The service lets you send one-off gifts or ongoing monthly ones, each with a very specific theme and full of things that people need.

For example, JollyBox has a “Back to School” themed package that ships on August 1st, and comes complete with necessities like: toothbrushes, whiteboards, post-it notes, pens, paper, and shower shoes:

If you think that Mom and Dad have the time to pack you a box of things like ramen noodles every month, you’re sorely mistaken. Mom and Dad are busy, so JollyBox has stepped in to help out.

Shipping is free, and a single box of goodies will cost you $25. If you buy up 6 or 12 months in advance, you’ll get free boxes.

JollyBox is simple and sweet, and I’m pretty sure that the folks who are on the receiving end of the packages will agree.

Want to try it out? Here’s an exclusive code to use for the first 10 readers who give it a go: THENEXT10. That will get you one free JollyBox.


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