Mail’ette, a truly simple way to share designs with your clients by email

Mail’ette, a truly simple way to share designs with your clients by email

If you ever searched for something like “share designs with clients,” you’ll find this topic has been covered quite a lot. Sharing files with clients is still a task for designers, despite how technologically evolved our society becomes.

For designers, there are countless options. You could email your work, but what the client’s inbox is filled or only accepts small files. You could send a link with Dropbox, but what if the client can’t open the file type. You could use a service like, MockVaultInfluence or Shipment, but which one fits in with your workflow?

All in all, there’s a reason why so many solutions exist. Designers aren’t a “one size fits all” breed. For those of you out there that cling to email and refuse to use anything else for deliverables and mockups, Mail’ette may win you over with its simplicity. More complex solutions exist, but that’s not what many of us need.

With Mail’ette, all you need to do is email your work to the service and you’ll quick get a link that showcases your uploaded designs. From there, your clients won’t have to register, use passwords or learn a new system. There’s just a basic feedback form built-in. That’s all. If you’re searching for a no-fuss solution, this may be just what you need.

As far as pricing goes, a free membership scores you up to 3 active projects and one user. From there a $9/month premium membership gives you unlimited projects and 3 users. I’m glad they kept that simple as well.

All in all, Mail’ette is a simple solution for a simple problem. It may not be feature packed, but it certainly has potential. If all you need is an easy way to share and display your designs to clients, this is worth a look.

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