Invy: This simple event planner app lets you pick a date with friends and family

Invy: This simple event planner app lets you pick a date with friends and family

There’s something really appealing about simple apps that let us organize our lives and bring a little order to the chaos, which is why we like this next app.

We’ve gotten wind of Invy, an incredibly simple iOS app that helps you pick a date to get together with friends and family.

Invy integrates with the address book and calendar on your iOS device, but thankfully the good people behind this app have had the foresight not to preclude those without an Apple device, as they can still access the service through a private URL on the Invy app website.

How it works…

First up, you’ll need to create an event within the app, after which contacts of your choosing will be sent an invite to the meet-up. You can either manually enter their email address, or you can choose from your address book.

If they have the app installed on their iOS device, they can respond directly from within the app, otherwise they’ll click on an invite link within their email and be given the chance to respond through a Web portal:

When everyone has responded with their preferred date, you (as the event creator) pick the best date and everyone is notified of where they have to be and when.

Invy was the handiwork of Bread & Pepper, and creator Wouter de Bres stresses simplicity was the name of the game with this little ditty. “Our goal was to create a really simple app to pick a date and time with friends for a meetup,” he says.

Meanwhile, if you like stripped down apps that help you organize your life, you may also wish to check out Short Calendar, a simple Web app to share your plans for the week.


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