SnapNPlay: This Android app reads sheet music and plays it back to you

SnapNPlay: This Android app reads sheet music and plays it back to you

Sometimes you come across an app and you can’t quite figure out if it’s awesome or, well, not-quite-so-awesome. I’d put SnapNPlay firmly in that category, but it certainly leans closer towards awesome.

SnapNPlay follows in the footsteps of this iOS app which was released in the Japanese App Store last year, except this enables your Android smartphone to read sheet music, and play it back to you.

Using an optical music recognition algorithm, the app is designed to read sheet music printed on paper, but it also works if you take a snap of a computer screen.

I tried out the free demo version, and the song it played back to me sounded reasonably similar to the sheet music I instructed it to play. It allows you to play the track back and change the tempo – which is integral to hearing a faithful rendition of the song in question. To set the key and clef you’ll need the full paid version, however.

What I would say about this app, over and above how it actually performs, is that the idea itself is awesome and it hints at the potential of such an app, if it can be honed and improved.

The developers says that they plan to continue working on this for years to come “making it better and more useful”, noting that they are already working on editing/deleting/adding notes, as well as improving the user interface.

Meanwhile, check out the Amazing Grace demo in the video below.

➤  SnapNPlay | SnapNPlay [Demo]

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