Peecho brings its Cloud Print button to Issuu’s vast online document library

Peecho brings its Cloud Print button to Issuu’s vast online document library

Peecho, the startup that launched an embeddable Cloud Print button last year, has today announced a deal to bring the feature to the 4 million publications hosted by document sharing service Issuu.

Once embedded, the Cloud Print button allows a user to order a physical copy of the document they’re reading, be it a guidebook, a book of photos or anything else that can be committed to paper and ink. The printing and delivery is handled by Peecho’s worldwide network of print facilities. The startup takes a cut from sales of the printed documents.

Today’s announcement means that Issuu’s customer base of over 2 million publishers will be able to activate the button on their document pages, allowing users order physical copies, printed on demand. Update: We’re informed that in actual fact, only publishers have the option to create print copies, not individual users.

Despite the shift to digital in most aspect of life, there’s still a clear need for physical documents. When you’re on the go and away from a printer, Google Cloud Print means that a physical copy can be waiting back at home or the office, but Peecho forgoes the need to have a printer at all, setting it up nicely for its goal of becoming the dominant cloud infrastructure for ad-hoc transformation of digital data into physical objects.

Amsterdam-based Peecho was a finalist in the 2010 The Next Web Conference Startup Rally. You can read about this year’s finalists here. Make sure you get your ticket for the conference before they sell out!

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