Eventbrite expands internationally with localized versions for France, Spain & Canada

Eventbrite expands internationally with localized versions for France, Spain & Canada

Self-service ticketing and events platform Eventbrite has had quite the busy year, reaching its 50 millionth ticket back in February. This growth has everything to do with international expansion, which started with last October’s UK localization and London headquarters. Since then, Eventbrite chalked up £16,456,400 in ticket sales in the UK and wants to see this sort of growth across the globe.

Now, Eventbrite is announcing three new fully localized versions of its ticketing service in French, French Canadian, and Spanish. This means the site is now available in eight countries, each distinctly catered towards the local markets.

While this official expansion is new, it’s noteworthy that in 2011 alone, events were posted on the platform in over 170 different countries. Nearly nearly 20% of Eventbrite’s business already comes from outside the United States. In fact, the main reason for expanding in these three countries looks like it was due to early adoption numbers ahead of any local launch.

Eventbrite launched in 2006, and raised a $50 million funding round in May last year to fuel international expansion. From Stephanie Hannon, vice president of International at Eventbrite:

Across communities, we’ve found the pain points of event organizers to be universal – from collecting payments and spreading the word to tracking sales and getting people through the door. We also know that these markets will be using Eventbrite in unique ways, so we look forward rapidly developing the platform based on our new French, Spanish and Canadian users.

So far Eventbrite has an extremely promising future, despite rising competition from new startups like Ticketfly and established players like Ticketmaster. So long as these three areas of expansion go well, the odds are that Latin America’s spanish-speaking countries are next up on the list.

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