Import your likes and loves from Oink and turn them into “Cheers”

Import your likes and loves from Oink and turn them into “Cheers”

Last month we told you about an addictive little app called Cheers that let you give public shout-outs to people, places, or things in the form of “Cheers”.

Since Kevin Rose’s Milk is on to bigger and better things, it has shut down its review app, Oink. That’s caused a bit of backlash from the users who really liked it, like the gem below:

What the….

I’m super surprised by this, and Kevin Rose just lost a couple of points of respect in my book. Must be nice to have investors who will throw money at you, so that you can give a half-hearted effort at something (or maybe less than half) only to shut it down a few months later to “try something else”.

It’s like ADD at the business level.

Terrible decision. I don’t even think anyone even tried to make this a success.

While the feedback above might be a sentiment from the minority of Oink users, Cheers decided to step in and make everyone a bit happier. The company has built a tool to allow you to import your likes and loves from Oink and turn them into “Cheers” on its app. If you’re already using Cheers, then you’ll be excited to load some new data to share with your followers and if you’re not using the app this might be a nice way to get started.

The import process is super simple, asking you for your Cheers username and password along with the zip file that you’ve downloaded from Oink.

After you’re done submitting, Cheers will take care of the rest. The company has had over 30k downloads of the app since launch, with signs that users are not only checking things out, but they’re sharing and engaged as well:

We’ve seen other companies come in to swoop up users from services that have shut down, like TouristEye that provided a home for Gowalla users after the company sold to Facebook, and more recently WordPress which is seeing an increase in imports from Posterous since it was purchased by Twitter.

Cheers import tool for Oink users

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