Soluto says hello to Metro, helping users to manage their Windows 8 devices

Soluto says hello to Metro, helping users to manage their Windows 8 devices

With Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview just minutes old, Soluto has announced that it is bringing its PC management software to the Windows 8, saying ‘hello’ to Metro and helping users assist their friends and family, download the best apps and stay on top of their tablet and desktop PCs.

Soluto is already live on the Windows Store, standing as one of the few developers that has been able to launch titles on the marketplace.

It uses Microsoft’s iconic Metro-style interface to take the hassle out of managing their PC and tablet devices, downloading and updating apps like Dropbox, Skype, Adobe Flash and many other titles silently in the background.

Soluto displays helpful widgets like CPU temperature, battery health, available disk space and much more diagnostic information, keeping users in the loop as to how their device is operating. There are also management tools built into the app that help users manage other PCs remotely, even if the device is turned off, keeping files and confidential data safe and secure.

Noting that Windows 8 is still in its infancy, Soluto has ensured that if a user wants to manage Windows 7 computers (and older versions) from their Windows 8-powered device, they will be able to do so with the minimum of hassle. That means that the app will operate on any of the 1.8 billion PCs currently in use today.

Microsoft has made sure that all the launch titles on the Windows Store are free, meaning that you will be able to manage up to five PCs using Soluto, completely free.


The Windows 8 app is just the latest in Soluto’s attempts to make its service available to all. In December 2011, the company started moving its entire product to a browser-based solution which allows any Windows user to give assistance to another Windows user remotely.

It’s easy to see why over 3 million people have downloaded Soluto’s existing apps already.

Below is an overview video of the Soluto Windows 8 app, demonstrating how the interface looks and how simple it is to use:

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