Usabilla Discover launches and is much more than “Pinterest for designers” [Invites]

Usabilla Discover launches and is much more than “Pinterest for designers” [Invites]

Usabilla, a usability startup that helps companies refine their user experience design, has just launched Usabilla Discover in beta, a discovery tool for designers and developers that merges together the best of sites like Dribble and Pinterest.

After first use, Usabilla Discover proves to be much more than a niche pinning site, allowing Web professionals to collect and curate UI elements, build and share their own UI library with HTML snippets (not just images) and follow others for inspiration.

The product adds an emotional element to design curation, allowing users to share negative and positive feedback on designs from all over the Web. The best part is, Usabilla Discover has the potential to become a way for site owners to take all of this feedback and improve their own sites based on mass feedback.

Web designers and developers can request an invitation for the closed beta, sign up for a free account, and drag a bookmarklet to their bookmark toolbar to get started. The first 250 people to sign up with the code TNWROCKS get in immediately.

More details, from Usabilla:

Clicking on this bookmarklet opens a feedback window on any webpage, and users simply use the bookmarklet to select a headline, form, button, menu structure, visual carousel, footer, list or any other HTML design interface element, and save it to their Usabilla Discover account. There is also the option to connect Usabilla Discover to the designer’s Twitter and/or Facebook profile. Usabilla Discover helps designers to collect and curate user elements from any webpage on the web, and to follow their favorite designers to discover what they love and hate.

We covered Usabilla back in early January, and the team told TNW that its goal is to make it easy for companies, both large or small, to collect design feedback for their webpages. In the end, Usabilla Discover continues in that very direction, targeting the entire Web for review, critique and curation.

Check out the site via the link below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

➤  Usabilla Discover, Invite code: TNWROCKS (first 250 people)

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