lets you nominate your favorite rockstar developers on GitHub lets you nominate your favorite rockstar developers on GitHub

While marketing professionals and executives of companies tend to get all of the accolades when it comes to popular services that we use on the Internet, the actual developers and engineers behind these products often go unnoticed. Part of that is due to choice, and the other part is because these rockstar coders don’t have a place to show their appreciation for each other.

For example, everyone knows that Jack Dorsey helped invent Twitter, but do we know which engineers helped code the site to stay up during its heaviest usage? Not so much.

Today, a site came our way called that lets the developer community nominate those who share code with others on the popular repository site GitHub. This community is a new trend we’re seeing, especially with the popularity of, which coaxes achievements in development out of its community of geeks. comes to us from the creators of the video syncing app, Denso as a public service to thank our favorite developers for those helpful lines of code.

Nominate your GitHero

If you’ve been helped along the way by a specific member of GitHub, now’s your chance to nominate them as your “GitHero”, as a way of saying thanks. The site is rather simple, and allows you to nominate your hero by entering their username:

While the site is very simple, it does feature a leaderboard which can be broken down by city. The leaderboard lets you click through to the developer’s GitHub page, which shows you all of the code that they’ve checked in and when they signed up for the site:

Most of the amazing engineers that I’ve worked with over the years are the last ones to applaud a job well done for themselves, so sites like this are a great way for a budding community to grow and bring more attention to the ones that keep our favorite sites up and running, as well as keep pushing the envelope of development on the web.

If you’re a developer, check out and let your colleagues know how much you care!

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