Raditaz is Pandora Radio turned up to 11 with 13 million songs and more for free

Raditaz is Pandora Radio turned up to 11 with 13 million songs and more for free

Music discovery is an arduous process. For much of my life I’ve made numerous attempts at finding new, great music, but given my hectic schedule simple ways of finding new artists are difficult at best.

Many use Pandora, but there’s a far superior, completely free app, officially launching today for Android and iOS (with a splendid companion site) that blows Pandora out of the water. Meet Raditaz.

Raditaz combines the key elements of the music listening experience – discovery, sharing, unlimited skips, and the best “music DNA” possible – with location-based features allowing one to discover new music on the go. And by music we mean 13 million songs (15 times the number available on Pandora).

Raditaz’s Music intelligence platform powers stations through understanding artist connections, song similarity, mood, style and detailed acoustic attributes. This level of understanding offers users a fully personalized music experience.

You can create your own stations, listen to pre-built stations but Raditaz doesn’t force only those two music discovery options upon users.

Not only can you tag and share the music you love most, but you can see what your friends are listening to and with their new music map functionality, you can browse stations around the US.

Here’s how music discovery in Raditaz works. When you create a new station it’s automatically assigned geographical coordinates so other users can find your station in map view or when browsed on the explore page.

Additionally you can tag to your custom stations (@home, #running #beach) to further describe your station. The tagging feature allows you to browse tags based on keywords, you can view what is trending in your community or discover new music based on the things you like to do.

Combine all the features listed above and no learning curve when getting started with outstanding design and there’s absolutely no reason any music lover looking to discover millions of new songs should not download Raditaz at once!

Raditaz for iOS

➤ Raditaz for Android

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