Create a 3D mask of your face just like they do in Mission: Impossible 4

Create a 3D mask of your face just like they do in Mission: Impossible 4

Since Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol was extremely heavy on tech and special effects, we’ve been able to have some fun with the expensive tactics used in the movie through promotional apps and sites.

I still use the Action Movie FX app that we wrote about to blow random things up.

In another promotional angle, a company called Glasseye has created a 3D mask maker that uses your face in the process. It’s pretty technical, too:

Mask Maker utilizes ground breaking new technology. It combines Adobe Stage 3D, Flash 11, FaceGen and Beyond Face Reality enabling it to realise complex 3D objects and environments and pioneering lighting within Flash, delivering a truly inspired 3D avatar maker. Your image is then rendered into CCTV footage which allows you to be a part of the movie.

I”m not sure what all of that actually means, but you can upload a photo of yourself to the site or take a new one with your webcam, and it will make a 3D mask out of your face, just like that scene from the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, this is one of the best special effects in the entire flick.

After you supply the app with a still photo, you’ll have to meticulously map out the points on your face with little markers that it provides you with. It only takes a minute or two, but the more attention you put into dropping these markers on your face, the better product you’ll get in the end.

Once you’ve dropped the dots on your face, you get to watch a movie scene starring you. Sounds hokey, but it’s actually quite surreal to see a 3D version of your head on someone else’s body.

Check out mine here:

Once you’ve made your mask, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter or download the photo to your desktop. Sure, it’s a promo for the movie, but it’s fun to get to play with technology that’s like what they used in the blockbuster. Give it a try for yourself.

3D Mask Maker

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