4 startups prove that technology can bring couples closer together

4 startups prove that technology can bring couples closer together

People have many different opinions on the role technology plays in their daily lives. Some believe that social networks cheapen friendships, while others find that they stay closer with friends than ever before, thanks to Facebook and Twitter.

The controversy is sure to spread amongst couples, likely because lovers have never had a social network or app made just for them. This may now be about to change, as four emerging startups show off the potential technology has to make relationships stronger than ever before.


Besides having the best name ever, Kahnoodle is a mobile game that makes it fun and easy for busy couples to build and maintain intimacy. The app allows you to become more aware of how well you’re satisfying each others’ core relationship needs, while gamifying the entire process. You can give your partner “kudos” for doing things you love, set goals and then win badges and discounts on date nights for succeeding.
➤  Kahnoodle


As we said in our review earlier this month, Duet hopes to bring the romance back to one-on-one communication, serving as a starting point for doing things with the people you love. The most special aspect of Duet is what happens as you use it. Going against the grain of traditional messaging, your Duets grow into a list of dreams, goals or desires as a couple.
➤  Duet


Tokii is the world’s first relationship management platform. It allows you to trade favors, learn about each other and play games together. It’s designed for the busy couple, and looks like an interesting way to make sure you are always communicating with your significant other.
➤  Tokii


Like Duet, Between is a mobile service that provides a secret place for lovers
to communicate and keep their precious moments. With this app, you can build a 1:1 archive that includes chat history, photo albums and customized message board with your partner. It definitely beats sending private messages back and fourth on Facebook!
➤  Between

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. There are plenty of sites out there that might not be the best thing for couples. An example of this is Sidetaker, which allows couples to turn to the masses for the solution to their arguments — it’s as entertaining as it is damaging!

What do you think? Does technology help or harm couples as they build their relationships. Can our phones be anything else other than distractions? Let us know in the comments below!

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