The strangest game on iOS? Check out Pugs Luv Beats

The strangest game on iOS? Check out Pugs Luv Beats

Pugs Luv Beats, created by Lucky Frame, is one of the weirdest iOS games I’ve ever encountered. The game follows the story of a pug that found a ‘Beat’ (physically a beet but spelled ‘Beat’) and gave it some love. This caused the ‘Beat’ to grow, and then eventually, it exploded. Now, these pugs are lost in space and need your help!

The game’s goal is a bit hard to grasp the first time around. After a few basic instructions, you’re left on your own to explore as you help pugs gather ‘Beats’. The more ‘Beats’ you collect, the more planets you can buy. Every planet has different terrain, so you’ll also need to purchase costumes and hats for your pugs.

If you’re lost right now, that’s probably a good sign, because I’m terribly confused as I write this. But despite my confusion, I keep coming back for more. The interactive soundtrack goes hand in hand with the gameplay, and the bird’s-eye perspective feels very fresh. With this is mind, I actually recommend it. From the creators:

Once the masters of a wondrous and highly advanced civilization, the Pugs are the victims of their own greed…

They loved nothing more than to collect ‘Beats,’ which they cultivated with love. But an ill-advised scheme to grow the biggest ‘Beat’ of all time spun wildly out of control, and their home planet was destroyed!

Now you must help the Pugs grow more ‘Beats’ so they can rediscover new planets, build houses, and recover their lost technology.

➤  Pugs Luv Beats, via the App Store for $2.99 (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

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