Send a somewhat creepy personalized video greeting from Santa with this iOS app

Send a somewhat creepy personalized video greeting from Santa with this iOS app

Magic Santa for iOS will ask you a series of questions about someone you know, and then create a three-minute long video starring a real-life Santa Claus.

It’s kind of creepy, yet cool at the same time. The more information you fill out about the recipient, the longer the video will be. At times, Santa even comes off as kind of snarky.

This will be fun to send to your young kids or little ones in the family, since they’ll think that Santa is really talking directly to them. Which of course he is, and not only is Santa Claus real, he makes three-minute long videos for every boy and girl in the world.

The app is free, and provides a different video for each combination of answers that you give it.

Santa is at your service

The app is simple enough to use, just give it information about the recipient, like where they live and whether they’ve been naughty or nice. You can even include a photo that will be used in the video.

Once you fill out all of the information, the video only takes a minute or so to process. It’s pretty smart technology, even properly pronouncing the recipient’s name correctly if it’s a common one. Since Santa has a huge beard and you can’t see his lips move, the trick comes off nicely.

Why send an e-card or phone call from Santa himself, when you can send an entire video? The video that you created can be tweeted or published to Facebook if you’d like to embarrass the person publicly, or you can just email it to them.

Watch the video I sent to myself here, and be delightfully horrified as Santa spouts off about how I’m too old to write letters to him.

Magic Santa

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