Christmas Wrapped generates gift ideas based on age, gender and budget

Christmas Wrapped generates gift ideas based on age, gender and budget

With holidays just around the corner, it’s time to finalize gifts before you lose your chance to relax before The New Year. Gift giving can be a nightmare, and the Christmas spirit of commercialism always rears its ugly head for all the sane people that postponed shopping until after Black Friday. But a new iPhone app by 3 Sided Cube might save you some grief this year.

Christmas Wrapped works in two ways:

It’s an easy way to organize and budget gifts for friends and family. Simply add contacts from you phone, set your total budget and build your list.

If you’re hard pressed on time or can’t come up with the perfect idea, Christmas Wrapped’s gift suggestions become particularly handy. While using the app, I set a budget of $100 for my mom and ended up with this gift: “A Celebration of Chocolate” (see the picture below). My mom loves chocolate (like most people), making this a pretty good gift.

The app isn’t perfect. It crashes occasionally and the suggestions aren’t decided by a highly complex algorithm, but if Christmas Wrapped can cut out some the shopping chaos that happens each year in a simple and elegant way, why shouldn’t you download it (plus it’s free)? From Christmas Wrapped:

You’ve seen the Coca Cola advert and you’ve heard the Pogues on the radio, yes it’s that time of year again! But with time running out until the big bearded fella comes down the chimney, you have no idea what to buy your Auntie Mildred and socks aren’t really a surprise for Dad anymore. You need Christmas Wrapped.

Christmas Wrapped has finally solved the biggest problem that people have always faced when Christmasshopping, what on earth to buy?! It enables you to get organised by creating a list of everyone you need to buy for but more importantly has a gift ideas generator which will come up with targeted suggestions of what to buy your loved ones.

Are you using technology to ease your holiday stress? Or are you a tablet shopper? Let us know in the comments below!

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