Shirtify is a t-shirt of the month club based on what you listen to the most

Shirtify is a t-shirt of the month club based on what you listen to the most

If you have a music collection or go to a lot of concerts, you probably have a drawer full of band t-shirts. It’s a right of passage to go to a concert, and support the musician by buying some of their schwag.

Shirtify wants to turn that right of passage into a passive surprise. All you have to do is listen to music you love, and the company will send you a t-shirt from one of your favorite artists with a cut of the money going directly to them.

It’s a pretty nifty idea, and could make for an awesome Holiday gift this year for that special person that listens to music constantly.

I listened to Spotify and all I got was this t-shirt

When you sign up for Shirtify, all you have to do is tell them which service is your online music platform of choice. It supports Spotify, Rdio,, and Pandora.

When you sign up, you have three options; One shirt a month, a gift pack of three shirts, or a one time annual payment to get shirts every single month. The sizes range from XS to XXL and you can let them know if you want a girl’s or guy’s size. Once you’ve entered your size, just pick your music platform of choice and enter your username, or the username of that special gift recipient.

The service will look at your usage, utilizing each service’s API, and then send you a t-shirt that fits who you’re listening to the most using those services. Super smart! The company claims that the money doesn’t go through any record labels so that’s good to know. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t tell you which artists have shirts available, but it’s kind of neat to get one in the mail and not know what you’ll actually get.

Shirtify is another great example of how musicians can earn music without selling physical CDs.


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