Cancel the rest of your day, AllSongsBy will keep you entertained for hours

Cancel the rest of your day, AllSongsBy will keep you entertained for hours

It’s not that finding music is hard these days thanks to iTunes and Spotify, it’s really about presentation at this point. On iTunes, you can listen to 30 second clips of music before buying, or listen to the whole track on Spotify with a subscription.

Both services have similar desktop apps that are meant to run in the background when interacting with the music you want to hear.

AllSongsBy uses the iTunes and YouTube APIs to make music listening a more visual experience than that. It’s like watching a TV station made up of your favorite artist.

I want my music TV

AllSongBy is a super slick app that lets you search for music by artist or track, then compiles a playlist of videos based on what it finds on YouTube. You don’t have to leave the service at all, everything plays right there.

Once you’ve searched for an artist, for example, the entire catalogue of music by them is shown below the video playlist. You can listen to iTunes previews, or click the link to purchase them on Apple’s platform. For those who really like getting into the entire catalogue of a musicians, AllSongsBy lets you sort by views the video has, title, or what album it’s on.

A search for The Rolling Stones created a playlist of 116 songs, as well as 7 hours and 32 minutes of video footage.


I wish the app had direct links to tracks on Spotify, since the platform has its own API too. Understandably, the affiliate links to iTunes might make the developer a few dollars, but this type of music portal could really catch on if it mashed up tracks and data from different services.

Since AllSongsBy taps the YouTube API for its searches, you can find pretty much any artist in the world, even if they don’t have tracks on iTunes.

So why not sit back and queue up over seven hours of The Rolling Stones music? You’ve got the time, right?


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