Lock it down tight with the Wolfram Alpha Password Generator app for iOS

Lock it down tight with the Wolfram Alpha Password Generator app for iOS

Computational search engine Wolfram Alpha has released a new app for iOS devices. The Password Generator Reference App churns out secure passwords of any length at the touch of a button.

The app will generate passwords in single or multiple batches, with any amount of characters and a set of rules that you define. You can choose from options like letter case, numbers and special characters, setting each to a “no”,”yes” or “must have” setting.

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You can have it spit out alphabetic, alphanumeric, pronounceable, or word-based passwords, and even generate four-digit PINs.

There is also a password strength checker that will ID any weaknesses in a password that you’ve created yourself. In typical Wolfram Alpha fashion, it also gives you some cool information about your password, like the time it would take to hack it.

This should be a cool tool for those of us that have trouble coming up with secure passwords for the increasing number of online services that require one. Now if only it generated mnemonic-friendly passwords so that I can remember them. Probably time for me to get 1Password after all. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and runs $0.99.

➤ Wolfram Password Generator Reference App

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