Using sure beats letting your mom pick your clothes out

Using sure beats letting your mom pick your clothes out

The best part about the Internet is that you can “crowdsource” anything and everything. That means that you no longer have to make any decisions on your own. Asking your friends on Facebook and Twitter followers where you should eat is a part of what makes using the services fun and rewarding.

Picking out clothes isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re shopping online. If you’re in a store, you can ask a clerk or a friend you’ve brought along. On the web, you’re probably just sitting in front of your computer alone. What do you do if you need someones opinion on a piece of clothing? Do you IM or email the link and wait for a response? If so, is about to blow your mind.

The site lets you ask your friends about individual pieces of clothing you find online.

Does this make me look fat?

I’m not sure if men do it as much as women, but from time to time we need advice on what we should wear. lets you add something you found online, and sets up a beautiful page and easy thumbs up or down voting system to help you decide on whether to make the purchase or not.

Simply grab the URL of any page you like that has the information about the clothes you want to poll your friends on. The images will be pulled in automatically and you give the page a title.

Simply drag the photos, and choose a picture of yourself to add to your page. Once you approve it, you’re given a link that you can send to everyone and buttons to Tweet the link and post it on your Facebook wall. The page is simple, and asks the simple question: “Does it suit me?”

The votes from your friends will show up in real-time. The original link to the item is intact if your friends want to inspect it further, and perhaps look at the price. I suggest you pick a snappy title for your page to incentivize people to participate. saves all of the piece of clothing you’ve asked about, making it easy to go back and check the votes later on. It would be interesting if the site added a feature that let me tag something as purchased or not, so my friends know how much they can sway my decision-making.

This could actually be quite addictive. No longer do you have to wonder if something will make you look good or make you look bad. You don’t have to waste money finding out, or friends out to the mall. Just try

Oh, and please click this link and tell me if you think this orange shirt suits me!

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