Coach’s Eye turns you into a mobile John Madden

Coach’s Eye turns you into a mobile John Madden

I always enjoyed watching Monday Night Football when John Madden was one of the hosts. He’d take video clips and seemingly mark up every aspect of a play with his digital pen on the telstrator.

Coach’s Eye for iOS from TechSmith allows you to do the same thing right from your iDevice. It’s actually a handy app if you’re a sports coach or teach some type of physical activity.

TechSmith has a series of desktop apps like Camtasia, so it’s nice to see the company get into mobile with apps that fit certain niche needs. The app is .99 cents.

Let’s see that in slo-mo

Coach’s Eye could assist a parent in strengthening their child’s baseball swing. Even if the parent is on the road a lot, the child could send video to them and you could send it back. The app lets you record video or take something from your camera roll and add audio commentary, and mark up the the screen.

For example, the below video demonstrates the outstanding typing talents and form from The Next Web’s Courtney Boyd Myers.

Once you’ve chosen or recorded a video, you’re given an easy to use interface to draw squares, circles and lines, as well as slow a section of the video down.

Here’s a video overview of Coach’s Eye by TechSmith:

After the video is good to go, you can save it to your camera roll, email it, or publish it to YouTube. You can connect Coach’s Eye to your Google account for simple one button publishing. This app is perfect for people who need help with their golf swing, or just want some dancing pointers from a trained professional.

I’d like to see more tools built into the app, perhaps an arrow tool, as it seems a little too bare at times for even the .99 cent price tag. Luckily, the easy publishing to YouTube makes up for that. If you’re a personal trainer or sports instructor though, you’ll get more than your money’s worth here.

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