Play Tetris using your LinkedIn connections with DropIn

Play Tetris using your LinkedIn connections with DropIn

If you’re a fan of the puzzle piece dropping game Tetris, then you’ll enjoy the app DropIn. It was created in a day by the LinkedIn team to show how useful the LinkedIn API can be.

The premise is simple, and very reminiscent of TweetBricks, which used your Twitter friends in a game of Tetris.

This game is actually fun, and can educate you on what your LinkedIn contacts are up to these days.

Playing DropIn

The blocks that are used in the Tetris game will be replaced by the avatars of your LinkedIn contacts. The neat part is that if you click anyone on the puzzle blocks, you’ll be shown the latest information about them from their LinkedIn profile.

Imagine telling someone that you learned about their new job during a game of Tetris.

DropIn is a fun way to pass the time and do a little bit of networking, too.

The controls are rather easy and use your keyboard for the interactions.

Unfortunately you can’t share or save your high scores, which kills some of the opportunities to get people to keep playing. However, for an app built in a day, what can you really expect?

I suggest playing DropIn on a larger sized monitor, as I couldn’t get the whole screen to show up correctly on my 11-inch MacBook Air. Other than that, the app is great, and might inspire you to develop new games or apps using the LinkedIn API.

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