SportShadow uses foursquare’s API to tell you who’s at the game

SportShadow uses foursquare’s API to tell you who’s at the game

We’ve seen a lot of great apps using foursquare’s API, showing how powerful the check-in data that they own is. For sports enthusiasts, knowing who is at a game could be a fun way to meet like-minded people.

SportShadow is focused entirely on who has checked in at sporting events. It’s a new way to breathe life into any type of event really, and hopefully someone else out there creates something similar for live music events.

Who’s at the big game?

If you’re sitting at home watching your favorite college football team winning (hopefully), you might be interested in who has checked into the venue. Without having to use the foursquare app itself, SportShadow gives you a listing of games from all major sports, and will show you who is at the event.

No longer do you have to watch the TV closely to catch a glimpse of a friend or family member, if they’re an active foursquare user of course. Currently, SportShadow tracks check-ins for the NCAA, MLB, NFL, and will be showing NHL game check-ins soon.

When you click on a users avatar, you’re taken directly to their foursquare profile on the web. I’d love to see a mobile version of this, as it would be helpful if I’m at the game too.

Sporting check-in trends

The best part of SportShadow is watching the check-in trends for sporting venues over time. The site compiles tidbits of information gathered from foursquare’s API, and gets you excited for upcoming games. Average check-in’s at any given venue are displayed if the game isn’t live.

For example, SportShadow showed that 10,445 fans checked-in to 54 games last week, averaging 193 check-ins per game.

Data can be fascinating, and apps like foursquare gather quite a bit of it. The next time you’re at the big game, be sure to check-in so that you show up on SportShadow, which is kind of the digital age’s version of the jumbotron.

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